Ace Hardware RSC



This distribution and warehousing facility for Ace Hardware was experiencing consistent, widespread leaks. The reactive leak/repair cycle was getting to be too cumbersome and was negatively impacting operations, but a full tear-off and replacement was thought to be too costly and extremely disruptive to business.

Project Specs:

  • 12,773 sq. ft.
  • SR PreVision Inspection/ analysis
  • CLP™+20 Layover (SR 120L BUR-G)


Simon Roofing began by performing an extensive SR PreVision inspection and analysis. This process combined visual inspections with infrared scans and laboratory testing of membrane samples to identify several
details of the roof, determine the estimated roof life expectancy and outline if options are available to defer a replacement. The infrared scans detected 400 sq. ft. of wet insulation that needed removed. After that was completed, a layover system was determined to be the best solution. The CLP™+20 Layover didn’t require tearing off the
existing roof system and provided a 20-year watertight warranty.



  • New CLP™+ roof system installed
  • 20 year labor, workmanship and materials warranty
  • No tear-off necessary; no unnecessary waste
  • Minimal disruption
  • Seamless, watertight roof system

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