April Showers Bring May Flowers. And Roof Leaks.

Water intrusion can quickly lead to damaged insulation, equipment and inventory inside a building. Roof leaks any time of the year can be frustrating, damaging, unsafe and costly to any facility. This is especially so in the springtime when rain showers are a common occurrence. Knowing what causes leaks can help you identify the problem and determine the best solution.

5 Tips to Prevent Roof Leaks

Some common issues that cause commercial roof leaks include membrane failures, drains and gutter issues, ponding water and flashings. Below are 5 tips to help prevent roof leaks from hanging over your head:

  • Ensure your roof is properly draining and not holding or ponding water.
  • Inspect your ceilings and walls from inside the building to look for evidence of roof leaks or other damage that may have occurred.
  • Periodically check for coping or metal flashing that’s missing.
  • Remove debris like leaves, sticks and garbage so they don’t cause a backup in the drains.
  • Implement a routine maintenance plan to help double your roof’s lifespan.

Does your roof have any of these issues?

Roof Field Condition-Modified Membrane Open Laps on Flat Commercial Roof
Circle around a hole in a commercial roof
Base Flashing-Flashing Ridging-Wrinkling
Counter Flashing Surface Rusting on Flat Commercial Roof
Unattached Coping on Flat Commercial Roof
Pipe Flashing Physical Damage on Flat Commercial Roof
Drip Edge Fascia Damaged Soffit on Flat Commercial Roof
Drip Edge-Fascia-Damaged Fascia Meta on Flat Commercial Roof
Equipment Base Flashing-Deterioration on Flat Commercial Roof
Equipment Operation-Discharge of Contaminants on Flat Commercial Roof
Expansion Joints-Fasteners Backing Out on Flat Commercial Roof
Drainage Components-Rusted Downspouts on Flat Commercial Roof
Drainage Components-Clogged Drain on Flat Commercial Roof
Cracked Skylight Dome on Flat Commercial Roof
Wet Insulation on Flat Commercial Roof
Damaged Metal Deck on Flat Commercial Roof
Bar Joist Damage on Flat Commercial Roof
Tenting on Flat Commercial Roof
Vegetation on Flat Commercial Roof
Coating Delamination on Commercial Roof
Roof Field Condition-Panel Holes Caused by Rust on Commercial Roof

When not resolved in a timely manner, a simple roof leak can grow into a flood of problems and expenses. Inspect your roof on a regular basis. The time you save doing so may even allow you to stop and smell the spring flowers.

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